Who doesn’t love a good story?

When Jesus wanted to make a point, he told a good story. That’s because when you merely tell someone information or tell them what to think, they tend to forget it.

Ah, but tell them a story with believable heroes they fall in love, a villain they despise, and now you’re coming in loud and clear.

Who hasn’t heard of the Good Samaritan? Or the Prodigal Son?

It took me seven months to write “A Martyr’s Crown.”

During that time, I did not go to the gym. I did not visit my friends. I did not plant flowers in my garden. And, it must be admitted, I did not clean our house. (Thank God for our teenagers who did.)

Then, six trusted friends and advisors reviewed the manuscript and helped me to refine it. They cheered me on when I felt discouraged. They took me to lunch when I got too busy to eat.

Sometimes the only quiet place I could find to write was in the laundry room.

Mostly, I worked here, in my eldest son’s bedroom, while he was at school or work.

Finally, I finished.

I wound up planting petunias after all.

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